Ikaria Honey

Wonderful honey happens here!

Ikaria's Legendary Honey

The honey produced by the bees on Ikaria, a Greek island in the northeastern Aegean Sea, is of particularly high quality due to the unique geographical and topographical attributes found on the Island.

Since Ikaria has no large flat areas to speak of for cultivation purposes, few fields or plantations exist for the purpose of traditional food production. As a result, the indigenous bees of the Island feed off of plants, bushes, and trees that have evolved naturally without any input from man.

Furthermore, the pollen and nectar collected by the bees is 100% pure and free from any chemicals or pesticides/herbicides normally found in commercial or private farming. The self-sown plants are found all over the landscape of the approximately 30-mile long and 6-miles wide island of Ikaria. Trees and bushes blossom both in spring and fall, offering sustenance for the bees throughout the year. No assistance is needed by man for the bees to survive throughout the winter months.

In addition to the pristine natural setting, there is no industrialization or large commercial enterprise on the island which would normally produce pollutants that despoil both water and air. The honey gathering by the bees is undertaken in almost perfect conditions.